Interior Painting

Before any painting is started we will move all furniture and cover all floors and furniture. We remove window treatments and caulk and repair all drywall. After painting is complete we will clean thoroughly, reinstall window treatments and move furniture back in place.

Exterior Painting

We will cover surfaces which should be protected. We will caulk all cracks and scrape loose paint and spot-prime the bare wood. We also stain siding and decks, including aluminum and vinyl siding. We have the expertise to paint and stain any surface that would benefit from a make over.

Wallpaper Removal

We have tons of experience here and years of trial and error have taught the quickest and most cost effective manner to remove wallpaper. We believe that our experience in this area will definitely save you money and we keep the mess that ensues to a minimum and clean up very well.


Almost every exterior job requires that some wood trim be replaced due to rot. We have a carpenter on staff, ensuring a job with no delays because we don’t have to wait for a subcontractor to replace the rotten wood.

Power Washing

We wash aluminum, wood, and vinyl siding, concrete, brick, fences and decks. Unlike most contractors we don’t just spray chemicals from the ground. Rather, we climb ladders and wash surfaces with just the right amount of pressure to do the job very well. Highly oxidized, or chalky aluminum, benefits greatly from this approach and the color sometimes will change completely back to the original.

Deck Sealing

Decks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You may want to keep your existing color or change from a transparent sealer to more of a painted look and feel. We have the experience and know the products to give you just what you need to enjoy your deck to the fullest.

Drywall Repair

Patriot Painting has been working with property managers for 25 years repairing damaged drywall caused by leaks from plumbing and heavy rain and melting snow. Whether for a small job requiring just a bit of drywall tape and joint compound, or for a larger job requiring multiple pieces of drywall, our experienced workers will expertly finish and paint new drywall.