About Us

Since 1991 Patriot Painting has been satisfying Northern Virginia homeowners, businesses, and property managers with excellent service at very competitive prices. In fact it is our goal to provide our customers with the very best value available in the area.

If you call or email Patriot Painting you will talk to the owner. It will not be a call center trained to weed out unprofitable customers. We know they are out there, as well as companies who only will do larger jobs such as whole houses. Simply put, we believe that we are here to serve the public. Yes we want to make a profit but not at all costs. There are companies who will not bid on a job if a customer is selling their house, because these companies don’t believe they will profit enough. At Patriot Painting we will do any job large or small. We put our customers first, our employees next, and lastly our shareholders. By doing so we do just fine financially and we honestly believe that we are doing the right thing for everyone. So call Patriot Painting and you will never be turned away because you are not perceived as a “profitable customer”. We value all customers who can use our services.